Thursday, September 20, 2018

Doing what I enjoy Pet Sitting

Good day to you,

I am doing what I enjoy and that is Pet Sitting.

I meet new people and lovely pets everyday.  I get to know my local areas.

This is the best time of my life.

I would like to hear your thoughts on what you think about doing things you enjoy.

Speak soon

Kindest regards

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pet House Care

Pet House Care

Hello there,  TrudyVan Here

Welcome to our Pet House Care Blogger Blog.

This is a new business venture that I am now part of.   We have now officially established this small business to help unemployed business professionals to students with an income,  whilst studying further or looking for full time employment.

With the economy as it is at the moment,  the chances of finding employment is slim.

Our people are fully screened and totally dependable.  Some of our people have been house sitting and caring for pets whilst the owners are away or on holiday for over a year now.

We have reasonable rates and the assurance that your home and your beloved pets are taken care of with love.    Having a love for tropical fish and birds, I have an African Grey Parrot and a Mynar of my own.  I know the feeling of leaving your pets in the care of others.

I have come back from holiday and my dogs have disappeared.  My fish tanks look like a solid green mass as there was a couple of black outs during my absence and the filters did not start up again automatically.

Needless to say when I phoned which was on a daily basis,  I was assured that my pets are in good health and happy.

With us, this will not happen.  Our supervisors do checkups and report back to the office.

We have a dedicated team of House Sitters that are also animal lovers,  so if you have pets,  we are the team to contact.

I am happy to say we have not had any complaints as yet.   It is due to the fact that the people working for us are true animal lovers and they take their jobs seriously.

We will speak again soon

Kindest regards
Pet Home Care